Check Yo self Before You Wreck Yo self – Emergency Minimalism Intervention

I admit it.  I’ve fallen off the tracks of minimalism and derailed into consumer addiction.  The coupons, parties, funerals,  weddings and insecurities have all added up to a shameful stream of online purchasing and hoarding.   While some of the causes like parties and extremely good coupons have passed, I still have to deal with the insecurities of getting older (and sometimes bigger) and the loss of the minimalism good feeling momentum I was on back in March.

In order to do this, I am self-mandating a 30 day dump challenge where I will dump/dispose of something in my possession and post pictures to keep myself accountable.  Aside from this and much harder to maintain, I will not allow myself to buy anything but food for week.  This is especially important as we are heading into the holiday season which is a really bad time for me.  I start Christmas shopping and end up buying more for myself than gifts for other people!  Sometimes it’s just to get to that free shipping threshold.  Other times its to avoid the indecision of not knowing what to get people as gifts.  I know I like a particular item so that’s a much easier decision than the excruciating agony of trying to figure out if someone will even appreciate or like something you pick out.

Today I am getting rid of our old phones that have been sitting in drawers for a year.



Keep me on track blogging world/internet diary! or the holiday season will eat me up alive…

Friday Feminist – Cat Power aka Chan Marshall


I first started listening to Cat Power in high school over 10 years ago.  I was drawn in instantly by the wisdom in her voice and lyrics.  On her most recent album Sun, I heard her song “Human Being” and got to wondering about whether she was a feminist as I heard lyrics proclaiming rights of voice, autonomy and living. The song had wonderful overtones of self-worth and potential (The quote above is from the song).

One of the reasons she’s my Friday feminist shout out is that she was the first woman to win the Short List Music Prize in 2006 for her album The Greatest. (Wikipedia)

Fortunately, Cat Power aka Chan Marshall is comfortable with associating herself with the feminist label as she states,

“A lot of times women don’t have the simple, casual dignities that men have as their birthright.” (Cat Power Opens Up)

“I’m called a feminist because I protect myself from someone else trying to get something from me.” (Cat Power Opens Up)

She lived her feminism out by producing her album Sun independently without her label directing and influencing her music. She bravely used her own life savings to produce the album in order to not have labels and producers messing with her message, voice and music.

Bacon Bourbon Chex Mix – Tuesday Tasting


Tried out a recipe for bacon bourbon Chex mix tonight. It was amazing!

Also, it was almost idiot proof and super easy. I used maple syrup instead of corn syrup, maple bacon, and pecan pie pecans. It was a hit with my husband and I’m going to make it again for my friends bachelorette dirty derby party. The theme of the party is the Kentucky Derby!




When did Christian feminists have to decide whether they’re conservative or liberal?


Christian feminism is already a harrowing lonely narrow niche to be in, but lately I’ve seen more divisions requested of them. This need to be divided among the conservative Christian feminists and the liberal Christian feminists is frustrating and pits groups against one another. I’ve seen for the first time, conservative christian feminists attacking liberal christian feminists and I can only describe it as a side show to a circus. When did God have to pick a political party? Why are we so certain that only certain causes can matter and there’s no room for other causes?

Causes are like love in that they are not finite but exponential. Caring builds off of more caring not cutting people off and saying you can only care about these set causes.

To say I’m frustrated is an understatement. I understand people are passionate about their political agendas, but to cut other people off from the genuine revelations that are characteristic of Christian feminism just because of their political party is petty at the least, and at the worst, another way of barring someone from their own choices regarding their own relationship with God.

What I’m hearing is that you can’t be a Christian feminist if you don’t hate Obama and terrorism. Or you can’t be a Christian feminist and be pro birth control. All I have to say is, I’m tired and offended at being excluded from a label I previously found so comforting. Do we need different labels for conservative Christian feminists and liberal Christian feminists? I say no, since we’re already existing in such small numbers. To divide the already small fraction, doesn’t sound helpful. I just wish that Christian feminism did not have to be divided and could consent to the fact that causes are exponential and one cause doesn’t always take precedent over the other. Love and caring are exponential, cutting people out of groups is not. Then we’re left powerless and voiceless.

This Insults Women – Sexist Advertisements and Street Activism

This Insults Women, Feminist Sticker Pack 6pc

I found this little nugget yesterday on Etsy and I am so glad someone has thought of this!  I get upset or annoyed so often by sexist advertisements or abusive elements in media.  Now I have cool fun stickers so I can send feedback out into the world instead of keeping it bottled up which will probably be good for my health.  I will try to document my usage of them and keep you posted.

The creator Kelly Elizabeth says “Have you ever encountered a piece of sexist advertising or imagery in your travels and wished you the means to call it out for what it is? Now you can! Keep this pack handy and at the ready for a little street activism whenever the need arises.”